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This is what I get for working all of my life ?

Parts B,C & D you don't even pay extra for!

Preserving Medicare and Medicaid More than 100 million Americans depend on Medicare or Medicaid for their healthcare; with our population aging, that number will increase. To preserve Medicare and Medicaid, the financing of these important programs must be brought under control before they consume most of the federal budget, including national defense. The good news is that it can be done, and it can be done without endangering the elderly and the needy who depend on those programs. Republicans intend to save Medicare by modernizing it, empowering its participants, and putting it on a secure financial footing.                             We will preserve  the  promise of Medicaid as well by making 
that program, designed for 1965 medicine, a vehicle for good health in an entirely new era. Medicare’s long-term debt is in the trillions, and it is funded by a workforce that is shrinking relative to the size of future beneficiaries. Obamacare worsened the situation — and imperiled seniors — by imposing hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Medicare providers to pay for its new spending.Many providers will not take Medicare or Medicaid patients.

Please let me work on this.





The health services deemed covered and medically necessary under Michigan Medicaid include:

  • Ambulance and non-emergency medical transportation
  • Emergency services
  • Family planning and pregnancy services
  • Home healthcare, nursing home care personal care services, private duty nursing and hospice care
  • Immunizations, labs, X-rays and medical supplies
  • Mental health services
  • Substance use disorder treatment services
  • Physical and occupational therapies and chiropractic services
  • Hearing and speech services
  • Surgeries

Types of Medicaid insurance also cover an annual wellness checkup in Michigan. In addition to the Medicaid services noted as medically necessary, there are several services listed through Michigan Medicaid that are partially covered.

How much does Medicaid cost when it is not 100 percent covered?

These fee-for-service inclusions mean that you will only be responsible for a minimal co-pay (most are less than $5 each) if you elect any of the following:

  • Physician office and free-standing urgent care center visits
  • Outpatient hospital clinic visits
  • Emergency room visits for both emergency and non-emergency services
  • Inpatient hospital stays
  • Pharmacy costs
  • Chiropractic care
  • Dental visits
  • Hearing aids
  • Podiatric visits
  • Vision appointments

What are they doing that Medicare isn't?


...You can lose Medicaid for making too much! I realize they are two different funds, however, I want Medicare to be just as comprehensive as Medicaid.


I have a family member that won't work because she will lose insurance (Medicaid) for her and her children. She WOULD work if she didn't lose this insurance.I have heard of reluctance to work and lose these medicaid benefits.

Another reason I like Direct Patient Care.  People can work without fear of not seeing a doctor. 

What if Medicaid/Medicare paid catastrophic? Could they pay for a Direct Patient Care doctor,too? 




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