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Congressional Republicans are leading the way forward with major reform legislation advancing the concept of block grants and repealing numerous federal regulations which have interfered with state and local control of public schools. 

Choice in Education - Parents are the best judge of which methods of learning is best for their child. Religious, public, homeschooling or charter. My children were homeschooled, public and religious. 

I applaud America’s great teachers, who should be protected against frivolous lawsuits and should be able to take reasonable actions to maintain discipline and order in the classroom. Administrators need flexibility to innovate and to hold accountable all those responsible for student performance. 

Parents are a child’s first and foremost educators, and have primary responsibility for the education of their children.  Parents have a right to direct their children’s education, care, and upbringing.I support a constitutional amendment to protect that right from interference by states, the federal government, or international bodies such as the United Nations. I reject a one size-fits-all approach to education 

I recognize the wisdom of local control of our schools and it wisely sees consumer rights in education — choice — as the most important driving force for renewing education. I reject excessive testing and “teaching to the test” and support the need for strong assessments to serve as a tool so teachers can tailor teaching to meet student needs. 

I support our President in school of choice. My kids went to private, public AND were homeschooled while learning english.I think its part of freedom to be able to decide which is the best place to send your child for an education. I was able to utilize all three. I believe parents know what is best for their children, not government.We are falling behind Europe. I have always liked Utah's school model. One hour of instruction followed by a half hour of homework. You then have your teacher there to help you with homework-not a parent! Many parents don't even care about their kids education or kids go home to care of siblings and can't do homework which are the stories of Detroit that I hear. Get the homework done during school! 

The Wayne Co taxes are the highest in the state. Even higher than Birmingham Bloomfield. Perhaps changing to Republican after 40yrs will give us schools like theirs. Everyone gets the same amount per child..That would be economic justice to me.

Committee to Elect Linda Sawyer
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