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Affordable Health Care

We have the best health care IN THE WORLD.

We are not a broken system- we are a  different system.

We are the leaders in research and medical cures in a open market system.


I want to propose direct patient care health care model for our nation and it's going to start here in the 13th district. No one should have to suffer. No more prior authorizations.Wholesale medications AND it doesn't matter if you have prior health conditions or citizenship!

 I have a background in medical research. Our free system is why we are the leaders of the world in medical research. This is a win-win because private insurance can be kept. 


Direct Patient Care Explained

Direct Patient Care Rate

Unlimited Visits.

Wholesale medication. (No CVS markup)

Dr.Thomas is allowed free samples from the industry so a vast majority of his patients pay $0 for insulin. 

At cost imaging/tests. 

Free procedures depending on your doctor and scope of practice.

At cost labs.

Same day appointments.

       Email, texts to communicate. 

These doctors cap their patient load at around 500 patients so they actually know them.


AGES 0 - 17 | $10 / MONTH  ($5/pay)

AGES 18 - 39 | $49 / MONTH  ($24.50/pay)

AGES 40 - 64 | $69 / MONTH ($34.50/pay)

AGES 65+ | $89 / MONTH 

Small business and student rates available

You don't need to start until your first issue so you are only paying for the family member that needs it!

Just carry catastrophic.


Click book to order

                                                                        For catastrophic insurance-

I found one insurance company that has an entire family plan for hospitalization that even includes things like stem cell transplants for $89/mo.


so a family of 3 is $30/mo..$15/paycheck ..less if more kids

That includes both parents and ALL children up to age 26 and will give you a lump sum payout depending on which policy you choose for $10,000 which you would use to cover your mortgage and bills-anything you need it for!            Less for single parents or singles. They also offer a separate cancer policy which you can invest in as you are older. 

                          Both of these are still less than Obamacare..even with labs, meds and an MRI or CT if needed!

 Vision is cheap. $100 or less for a vision test and I get my glasses  for $6.95 (prescription!) I would like to bring back the school vision tests. I think some children are struggling that may need glasses. Dental has always been extra.

             Other insurance companies can create policies to supplement Direct Patient Care patients. BCBS did not have one so this really is a new concept in health care. Since insurance is risk based. Catastrophic should be low in an open market and your auto insurance covers accidents and related hospital care.


Doctors: Click the pic on how to start a DPC practice. Dr. Thomas offers online help with startup costs which is affordable right out of school!

Get out from the corporate umbrella. Make a wage to pay off those loans.Have a normal family life with less stress. Connect with your community. We need you.

This is not concierge care. Concierge care takes insurance and gives you an on-call doctor usually on a fee per month basis for more of a VIP service.This is not an Urgent Care. Urgent care takes insurance or out of pocket could be a few hundred dollars (the cost of half a year ) and and no doctor-patient ongoing relationship.

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