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If you REALLY knew about the 13th district-- this would be at the top pf the issue list. Close to half with bad air. We talk about 48217, however, I used to have a place in Las Vegas and the homes under the flight path at McCarren Airport were complaining of black from the jet fuel. I will bet Romulus has air quality issues as well. Altering flight patterns was the solution in Las Vegas. 


Rashida Tlaib actually has done nothing. Sending letters is nothing. Writing a bill with Gary Peters to study Marathon is nothing. Putting a committee of activists together is nothing. Giving tours is nothing.

Nothing has been done.


Nurses are health conscious and clean air and water is important. This was the area I covered when I ran for State Representative and it is part of the 13th District. I have asthma and it is worse after moving downtown. I wipe black soot from my white cabinets. I am on the 19th floor. I was gone for a month and I had to use windex and paper towels to see through my car windows that was parking in the parking structure. It was black grime. Petcoke. The pollution goes beyond this area code into our other neighborhoods.

My plan is different than what has been done because I have no patience.

  • I have a already contacted a global environmental consulting firm that deals with air, water and soil that I can work with. I want my own evaluation as a researcher.  The only research I believe is my own.My background is research.Marathon has top notch monitoring but also worried about the smaller companies who have been aging since the Conyers study. We have soil pollution as well.
  • I want to WORK with the businesses to HELP them update. RASHIDAs method is to FIGHT them. That will never work and will continue to put our residents at risk. Her way is to call the EPA on them or send letters. They won't work with her.
  • Working WITH them means if I can secure federal funding to help...THAT is my roll as a congresswoman. Investing in them is investing in our district and jobs. 


Marathon Oil wanted petcoke kept uncovered but I want to find the reason why. We call this "fugitive dust" . The closest I could find is that it wasn't deemed a health hazard,however, if its getting INSIDE of my drawers and INSIDE of my shelf doors..that means we are breathing it. The only way our lungs can get rid of it is to cough it out as its an irritation.

Where will you be standing when the wind blows?

Chicago, NYC, LA..all have varying degrees of pollution. Detroit is dusty. Its why we move OUT of the city.

                    At the very least if in the city or near pollution..invest in air purifiers like I have. Multiple- if closer to industry.


We must protect our waterways, oceans and inland lakes.

 Our PFAS Areas:
Gordie Howe International Bridge Detroit Wayne No Livernois Ave and W. Jefferson Ave Detroit Multiple historical industries    
US Ecology Romulus
Romulus Wayne No 36345 Van Born Road Romulus 48174 Hazardous Waste Facility
RACER Eckles Road Livonia Wayne No 12950 Eckles Road
Livonia 48150 Automotive



Tlaib did NOT introduce the PFAS bill as she claims.(H. R. 535) It was DINGELL, UPTON, and KILDEE. Tlaib was one of 50 co-sponsors.

PFAS is prevalent in our inland lakes. I no longer can eat the fish caught on Belleville Lake. I am a scuba diver with dives around the world and pick garbage off of the ocean floors. Our reefs are being bleached due to changes in the ocean. Chemical and waste dumping into our waterways must be caught and discouraged.


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