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Click here for the border patrol media releases.  


When you enter our country with a passport, you get an I-94 landing card on a case by case length of stay or entry on a visa depending on which country you came.

If you overstay-and leave within a year-

you are banned from returning to the United States for 3 years.

If you overstay over a year and leave or caught -

you are banned from returning for 10 years.

In the Democrat Platform- the Democrats want the 3 and 10 year banned removed.Its in the latest platform release.

Why this should scare it does me and another reason why I am running..

This means there will be ZERO penalty for overstaying your visa or I-94.

Forget the borders..This will be an entirely different kind of invasion. Individuals, families, cartels, jihadists, gangs, human traffickers. Anyone from around the world..South America, Middle East, Europe, Asia..need only to fly into any of our airports with a passport..and they are here forever. 

There will no longer be a need for ICE because there will be no penalty for overstaying.

Any non-citizen is allowed:

  • • Emergency medical care, including ER visits and Emergency Medicaid which helps with pregnancies. These pregnancies will produce citizens..which Trump is ending.
    • Schooling
    • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
  • also many are pushing for drivers licenses although not sure who will give them auto insurance.

Birth Tourism to United States for Citizenship [It's already happening in Saipan]

Illegals knew about the bans coming here  and hide so I reject the idea they ever intended to be a citizen.There was never a pathway once you overstayed a year.(They will all be banned for 10 yrs UNLESS the 10 year ban goes..then they all just got a free pass.The pregnancies that produce citizens, through chain migration,the parents will be able to get I project a rise in that. Free pregnancy care and delivery here so I project many pregnant women from foreign countries flying here.) I support President Trump in ending chain migration.

 My children are immigrants.

 Then there is the issue of their open borders which is even crazier..It allows a gateway for KNOWN terrorists ,human traffickers and for gang members such as MS-13. 


One of our former Ecorse policeman died in a shootout at the Nogales border with what Democrats call immigrants..except they were armed and killed our former fellow 13th district citizen..(Just like the Germans did to French citizens)



Those cars in Mexico were backed up on a Sunday afternoon as far as I could see. You won't get me to agree to an open border after seeing that.. Democrats want this border open?! How much heroin can these car fit?

I held a SENTRI card and I walked past at least 1000 people for re-entry. In an open border-these people could be armed, gang members, human traffickers, carrying the next epidemic. No democrat is protecting us.


 The Man in the High Castle is an American alternate history web television series depicting a parallel universe where the Axis powers win World War II.

Meaning: If we did not fight back when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor or when Germany was off of our east coast..Either could have occupied us. Now, we have people invading our south border and we have a president fighting back while a democrat congress protects these non-citizens.

Democrats are obstructing us from fighting back WHEN IT IS THEIR OATH OF OFFICE TO PROTECT US. Even wanting to decrease military spending AGAIN. I visited Norfolk Naval Base during the Obama administration and told half the fleet were inoperable at the time. President Trump was NOT lying when he said he had to rebuild our military.

What if you don't view people that refuse to go through our immigration process as immigrants?

Currently, we are occupied by 25 million people that have invaded our country. They are occupying homes, taking food,medical supplies and medicine from our citizens.  Exactly what Germany took from France. Our Democrat Congress allows non-citizens to walk across our borders ..some armed..and protect them. 

This is why I wanted to run my expat program past President Trump. He is well traveled as well.

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