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Corporate Tax

  United States  Mexico  Canada  China
 2016 35%  30%  38% (highest rate)
 2020  21%  30%  15%  25%


  • As you can see..when President Trump took office , there was no reason for corporations to do business in the US. 
  • He lowered our corporate tax rate the same time Canada lowered theirs.
  • Now- we are less than China, which make our companies not only want to stay here but attract businesses from other countries as well. 

 These companies provide jobs for our citizens and as you can see unemployment is the lowest in history.


The democrats want to raise this tax back up thinking these corporations will pay for Medicare for all or everyone's tuition or their "fair share"?

I say they will leave to Mexico or back to China as they have cheaper labor and take the jobs with them or Canada.. Even Iceland was advertising 14%...

Giving corporations a tax break was strategy that worked and has nothing to do with our personal taxes. Corporations are in it to make a profit and they will go where they stand to make the most.

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