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MYTH: President Trump suggested people inject Lysol. 

FACT: He used the word disinfectant and asked the question if one could be used.

Would you agree alcohol is a disinfectant? We know alcohol kills the virus.

I was on the study to see how much alcohol and Tylenol it would take to affect your liver function. We enrolled UM students and put them on a STRAIGHT ALCOHOL INFUSION. 

We also give albuteral treatments through the ventilator tube so why not alcohol as we know it kills the virus? 

These are legitimate questions that the media twisted. Our president NEVER suggested doing ANYTHING. He asked a question and the only dumb question is the one not asked. 

I had the same question.


MYTH: President Trump knew about the virus back in November!                                                         FACT: Everyone did. You don't close borders on a "maybe". If I told you there was a virus in Japan right now that could be a pandemic that has killed 10 people- would you close the borders? No. The WHO declared it. We closed. Doesn't get any faster. 

MYTH: President Trump wasn't fast enough getting masks out to our front line                                 FACT: President Obama and Joe Biden depleted our N95 masks during SARS and never replenished OUR stock.

MYTH: President Trump disbanded our pandemic unit.                                                                     FACT: Bolton condensed swollen agencies and the staff were moved to another building and renamed.We still have pandemic staff. 

MYTH: President Trump let 40,000 people into our country after he " claimed" he closed the border to China. FACT: These were American citizens, green card holders anyone with a legal right to be here.


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