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So why me? 

Nurses help people.

Nurses are patient advocates and take care of ALL people regardless of color, race, gender, religion etc.

Congresswomen are citizen advocates for all citizens of her area.

I don't feel Rashida respects everyone...especially Jewish people.

Political Achievements Past/Present:

  • Current Candidate for U.S House of Representatives 13th District
  • Current Republican National Convention Delegate Jacksonville,Florida
  • Wayne County Republican Committee Member
  • Wayne County Republican Centennial Member
  • Michigan Republican Party 2020 Victory Member
  • 2018 -Republican Nominated Candidate for  State Representative (District 6. 13th Congressional- Detroit, Ecorse, River Rouge)
  • 2016 & 2020 State Convention Delegate
  • 2016-present : Elected Republican Precinct Delegate
  • Congressional District Member/Wayne County 14th Republican Member
  • Poll Challenger
  • Attended Republican National Convention Cleveland 2016
  • Presidential invitation and attended Donald J Trump's Inauguration and Swearing in, Freedom Ball, Parade, Auto Workers Gala, Texas Boots
  • Presidential Invitations and attended  70th & 75th D-day Anniversary American Cemetery Ceremonies with Presidents Trump and Macron; Obama ; Colleville-sur-Mer, France.
  • Pearl Harbor Day attendance yearly for around 10 years. Would like to attend as our state Congresswoman. 
  • NRA member

    Life Achievements Past/Present:

    • Registered Nurse [critical care, NIH research, emergency]  former paramedic 

    • National Institutes of Health Funded Researcher; National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Multi- million dollar Funded Researcher

    • Published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    • Former small business/ corporation owner with import/export experience.
    • Union labor negotiation team UMPNC/MNA 6000+ staff

    • Children's summer camp nurse - non-profit org. - {volunteer over 30yrs}

    • Michigan Nurses Association member

    • Michigan Board of Realtors member  

    • University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council

    • Graduate of Redford Union Class of 81' and then attended Michigan Tech/NMU for nursing.

    • Started and headed a Model United Nations high school program-{volunteer}

    • High school athletic coach-{volunteer}

    • Headed a community non-profit after school athletic program-{volunteer}

    • American Nurse Association member

    • Alpha Xi Delta Women's National Fraternity { Autism philanthropy }

    • Edison-Ford home member

 I need people see to me as someone who takes care of everyone, a protector, a woman of faith who sees no color nor handicap and that all humans deserve dignity and respect. Its why I became a nurse. When you come from a place of love and compassion and not hate (which I view Rashida as full of hate) I believe this is how we take care of our communities. I do feel I know this district. I am a daughter of it. Democrats need to vote for me because I love my district,too. I have been in this district most of my life


I was a registered nurse at University of Michigan (my university retirement eligibility age was 52/I collect a City of Livonia pension) with a background in critical care, pulmonary and research,emergency, surgical intensive care;post liver transplants, vascular.My research background was working within the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research Institute /Michigan Clinical Research Unit which was a multidisciplinary adult and pediatric center to include cancer and drug studies and funded by the NIH National Institutes of Health.Dr.Francis Collins left to be the Director the NIH and one of our principle investigators. So I have worked for the federal government under the NIH for more than half my career.

 I understand the high cost of prescriptions. I understand our health care system. 

Family of public service:I met my then husband when I was a Redford Township paramedic and worked the station on 5 mile for years and he retired a police sergeant /POAM member from Livonia. His dad, the fire marshall. I am collecting a police retirement pension.

Advocate for the disabled: I have a developmentally disabled sister, which I help care for. This includes veterans and I back President Trump in his increased medical funding for them as well as increased health care access.

My father (Cooley Grad) was a Korean Conflict veteran and worked as a  State Farm agent for over 50 yrs so I helped in the office. I was the first generation to attend college.

Family of SW Detroit Immigrants and children are immigrants: My family has been in the 13th district for 6 generations from the mid 1800s. (Springwells)  My Great great great grandparents came from Germany, Russia and Poland  at the time freedoms were being taken away including religious and their towns occupied. Socialism was left to pursue the American Dream and America had religious freedom.We were one of the founding families for Zion Lutheran on Military St and Lola Park Lutheran in Redford Township.Old languages were not allowed to be spoken. Only english.  My grandfather immigrated from Ture, Donegal, Ireland where he lived on a farm and family had a linen factory in Londonderry. I have been in the middle of terrorism and lack of freedom of speech in public places. When I see people attacking people wearing MAGA hats or speaking up for our president and getting reminded me of the terrorists in Northern Ireland. No freedom of speech in public without fear. My children are Russian immigrants and were adopted from an orphanage in Krasnokampsk, Russia, when they were 7 and 12.  I understand the immigration system and have attended seminars since.  I think traveling to other countries is the only way to understand your own. Our poor doesn't seem so poor. Poverty is our citizens living in tents and streets. If you have a roof over your head and indoor plumbing-you are not poor.


Veteran Supporter/History Lover:

Passion for WWII history. I have been to Pearl Harbor Day out at Oahu no less that ten times attending the ceremony. Attended the 70th Anniversary and most recently the 75th anniversary of DDay in Normandy, France with Presidential invites to the American Cemetery Ceremonies. Want to help restore Historic Fort Wayne. Have visited most if not all of our battleship museums. Visited Sachsenhausen concentration camp, our southern border at San Ysidro and talked with border agents. I feel we learn a lot from history. Although I love history and learn from it..I am on optimist and won't live in the past.

For Fun:

I love to scuba dive and have been on dives around the world from Fiji to Majorca.You get to integrate with different cultures so this is where my love of diversity and ethnic foods came from. . I am passionate about clean oceans and waterways. I have picked up garbage on the bottom of our oceans..I live on the Detroit River and have a cottage on Belleville Lake so I love boating and the water and watching freighters go by.I like to fly a small cessna and learned on a grass runway.  I am an explorer, travel with a backpack and will stay in a hostel or airbnb and hang with locals when out of the country.  When you appreciate culture , you learn tolerance. Love to camp and enjoy our state and National Park system my park passport .I use my motorhome as a mobile office

I am putting America 1st along with our President. 

The area I represented is District 06. The red area down through Ecorse and River Rouge and where I ran for State Representative. All of the people that live in the red are are serviced by the 13th Congressional District as you can see. Saying I do not know our district is false. 



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