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You can't make laws if you break laws.David Dudenhoefer already lost to Rashida once. Just as radical as Rashida and not a good fit for congress.


Just not picturing this man as my congressman called The Dude considering what a dude is. A congressman protects us and he wasn't backing our president with opening guidelines..Dave spent his time going against the government and so does Rashida. Our job is to make and vote on laws. Not this..... As a nurse, I find this disturbing. This is a global pandemic the globe is trying to contain and open safely. His way-clearly not safe.

*Donating to the 13th Republican Committee does not go to the candidates, the chair (Dude)keeps the money for his campaign..

The organizers of the event were clear. They were not  to get out of their cars and they were supposed to wear masks. Dave had no regard for the safety of those around him at the height of COVID. He was NOT part of the organized protest.


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 Party  Republican  Libertarian-click here for his profile  Republican
 Degree    Yes  No  Yes
 Background  Registered Nurse   Casino card dealer-Unemployed  Engineer

 -National Delegate to our RNC

-Wayne County Republican Committee Member

- Former Elected State Representative Candidate for Ecorse, Detroit, River Rouge (13th)

-GOP activist

-Community activist


Does not attend Wayne County Republican Meetings. Not a member. Blocks people from joining the 13th by chairing it.

Heads a libertarian group called Campaign For Liberty.

Should be on a Libertarian ticket

Community activist

 Member of our Wayne County  Republican Meetings and attends all meetings

-Community activist

 Lives in District

   I am in an overlap area.. Outside by 2 blocks since I moved downtown but at a state level..still the 13th. I chose the 13th because of running for State Representative and passion about our air issues.

Can use a Redford Township address still but makes downtown home.


 Y -but only downtown   x - but only after redistricting.

If this is one of your top issues, then you would elect a nurse to the seat.

-Introducing the Direct Patient Care Healthcare model.

-Wants federal funding for inpatient mental health

-Easier, disability paperwork and help.

-Applying for grants for health programs. I want to have Plum Health start at least 2 more clinics in our district.    * I have NOT asked for Plum's endorsement and keeping them out of politics.

 Nothing  Has a health plan -unreleased

-Fair trade,

-level playing field.

-Wants Made In The USA.Stimulate our manufacturing and our jobs..

-My company imported/exported. I have traveled to China and visited the manufacturing plant, dorms.

  Free trade, meaning China tariffs us but we do not tariff them. Stimulates China's manufacturing and their jobs.  Not addressed

 No Common Core

- Local level

-Parental freedom of choice

-The Department of Education is necessary.

- The federal government should not be a partner in that effort, as the Constitution gives it no role in education.

-Block grant assistance

-Kids need to pay their student loans. If you don't have a job you can already put the loan in forbearance until you do. Offer lower interest rates.


-Wants the Department of Education ended.

-Local level.

-No common core.

-Parental freedom of choice

-Colleges would only charge once you attain the career you sought.If you graduate without a job, you pay nothing.

So we can go to school free but make sure we don't get a job we don't have to pay? If they drop out the college loses? Makes no sense. teachers don't teach for free. It is the tuition that pays their wages.

 State level governing

 Believes in climate change. Wants to transition from CO2 transmitting fossil fuels and continue to  export them.Supports clean coal burning.

Contacted environmental company to research our local industry instead of just calling the EPA. I ran in 48217 and live next to it. 

Vantaa plant in Finland changes waste to power. Ends landfills and power plant pollution/lowers CO2 emission.I want to bring people to see. 

-scuba diver and camper. 

 Doesn't believe in climate change. Believes free markets sorts it out.  Should invest in alternative forms of energy but fossil fuels should be utilized.Against wind turbines.

 Peace through Strength

Nations PAY US to protect them.

We are the defenders of peace not aggressors.


As your next representative in Congress, I will never vote to send our military into harm's way for a regime change war, to nation build, or to police the world

-Libertarian Party oppose strategic alliances between the United States and foreign nations

 Peace through Strength
 2nd Amendment


Wants bill to have reciprocity across state lines.

CPL Holder

NRA Member

 Pro  Pro

 Closed Border

Wants to document the undocumented.


-Libertarians do not support classifying undocumented immigrants as criminals.

- Open borders

 Closed Border
Social  I oppose legalizing prostitution as a woman and feel it encourages human trafficking.  The Libertarian Party officially "supports the decriminalization of prostitution.  Opposes prostitution.
 Convention of States


Passed June 25: 3-2

It s time to look at term limits, limits on taxes, spending & borrowings and big government and their control of the people such as Whitmers overreach.

Convention of States Pocket Guide


Sean Hannity,Dr. James Dobson,Charly Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Dr. Allen West

 Against and testified June 25 against it siding with Gretchen Whitmer and her overreach.  





















































































Registered Nurse



        Freedom          Anarchy
  • Safe Borders/Build the wall
  • Open Borders/No wall
  • Keep America Great Again
  • Go backwards with socialism
  • Capitalist/Free Market/Less Govt
  • Member;American Democratic Socialists/More Govt.
  • Option to keep our insurance/

        Direct patient care model

  • Medicare for all
    Government control/No plans on  implementation
  • Pro 2nd Amendment/CPL holder
  • Gun Control/ Take away guns
  • America first
  • Non-Citizens, Palestine first
  • Washington Outsider
  • Career Politician/Swamp Creature
  • Evangelical Lutheran
  • Muslim
  • Pro-Life, resuscitate live aborted infants
  • Pro-Abortion, infanticide
  • Supportive of military
  • Voted down military aid
  • Detroit will NOT be a sanctuary city/

Withhold federal money to sanctuary cities

  • Sanctuary cities including Detroit
  • Supported 2 Trillion dollar stimulus package for our large and small businesses,families and health care workers to rescue.
  • Initially voted down the stimulus package because it included corporations that employed workers and democrats added the green new deal, union bargaining, and 25 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. That is inhumane to me in this crisis.. 
  • Keep Police
  • Defund police

Committee to Elect Linda Sawyer
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