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I want to HELP save this AMAZING fort.

It is the most intact fort I have seen in my travels and it is in our district!

Bringing money and tourism to our district is also how we can invest money into our district and its citizens! (Example: I would like Mexican Village to be more lively. It could use more music , shops , art, dancing and outside eating that I like to go to Tijuana for. Its also missing Zonkeys) Is it a congressional job? If there are federal needs to be made as this property is governed under a few jurisdictions.

                                      The best part? It is OUTSIDE money paying for our fun!

  1. I feel it is an historical revenue gold mine for our district and can create local jobs. That pic is just one building!
  2. The Detroit Historical team held a meeting about what to do with the fort. I came to the meeting not only with what to do with the fort based on my visits to other forts but ways to generate income to restore it. My plan is below.
  3. I was mortified to find out Historic Fort Wayne is being left to decay with volunteer donations only. Our fort is THE most intact fort I have seen in my travels.  Although not in active combat, it has been in all wars and an early 18th century icon that Ulysses S Grant stayed during the Civil War..
  4. It has multiple Indian burial grounds and still considered sacred and visited by our native American Indians                                                                                                                                 
  5. Fort Wilkins (Copper Harbor)is a state park and its not as intact as this fort!
  6. Coleman Young was a Tuskegee Airman and they used to train at Selfridge AFB. He started the Tuskegee Air Museum on the grounds. They served during Jim Crow times. 
  7. Bringing money to our district and preserving our history will make this a special place for generations to come.I want schools to bring their kids here and it could be a one stop place to learn about each of our wars.
  8. History is only interesting when you can bring it alive otherwise kids fall asleep in class like I did. Only in my travels did I develop an interest and realize how special this country is and the sacrifices our citizens made.
  9. I already have source donations for WWI, WWII and Korea.


Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson -Tuskegee Airmen & Board Member of Museum 

Michigan WWII Memorial Fundraiser







My Plan:

Bringing tourists from the bridge, water and to and a bus from downtown will generate income to renovate the buildings. This location for motorhomes to park overnight before and after the bridge is a great place to stay and on the water is a premium. There are no close campgrounds. Making money for parking is simple and does not disturb the property.

Soccer games are currently being played onsite and reluctance at one of the meeting to stop them. I said they generated no revenue which is why I came up with the idea of concessions. Concessions can also be for campers as well as the daily visitors and Detroit River boat guests that could parallel dock in the boat launch lagoon or seawall tie ups (I am a boater,too).

Expand Tuskegee museum to the second home and add a gift shop to the third because we are THE primary national museum.

Each quarters with a different war era teaches history and will house historical items. I can't think of anywhere I have travelled where we can bring alive each war in a single place. The main barracks could host reunions and functions and Detroit hotels house attendees. As renovations occur- each museum could expand to the homes second floor.

The Indian museum is closed but can reopen with stored such as Wayne Ware and other artifacts.

The Grant House belongs here. Last I heard, they wanted it by eastern market.

This was my ideas based on visiting other forts.

Did you know there is a night ghost tour but other tours generate money as well!


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